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XVIII The moon tarot guide: what does the moon mean in tarot?

So, what does the moon card mean in tarot decks? This would depend whether you pulled the card upright, or in reverse. Contrary to a misguided belief, if you pull any card from the deck, by no means does it represent bad luck, or a bad omen. A reversed card just means you must pay special attention to the other cards you pulled to interpret it. Generally, an upright card is about external energy, and a reversed card has a message for you from your higher self, or your spirit guides. Many tarot readers say you should take the other cards in your reading into consideration when interpreting a card in reverse.

The moon in tarot is part of the major arcana. It represents the themes of life, and the lessons we need to learn. Of the 22 major arcana tarot cards, the moon tarot is number 18. It sits between number 17, the star, and number 19, the sun. Both the sun and the stars illuminate the moon highlighting all of its changes, evolutions, and transformations.

The moon tarot card meaning (upright)

XVIII The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Reversed & Upright Guide | QHHT Official Website (1)The upright meaning of the moon serves as a reminder to stop resisting the inevitability of change in life. It asks us to accept the flow with grace and to let go of fear. Here are the meanings behind the moon tarot card for different aspects of life.

The moon tarot card upright card keywords

  • Delusion
  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Risk
  • Anxiety
  • Denial.

The moon tarot yes or no

The Moon tarot card usually shows up in a reading if you are going through a bit of a dip. Anxious feelings, insecurities, doubts, you name it. The moon is there to illuminate your path through that darkness, so if you have asked it a question like, is their light at the end of the tunnel, the answer is yes!

The moon tarot love meaning

The Moon tarot card appears in your reading when times have not been easy when it comes to love and relationships. Emotions can be heavy, which can cause one to doubt or question their relationship, or relationships in general. If you asked the cards “Is this relationship worth it?” or “will I ever find love?” The Moon gives you a reassuring yes.

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The moon as feelings

If you are asking the cards a question of feelings, the upright card might indicate that someone, or yourself, is holding back their true feelings. Fear might be preventing them back from expressing themselves, and you should not press them too hard for answers. if you think it is you who is holding back, do some deep-diving shadow work to find the answers, and try to confide in a confidant.

Additionally, it is there to remind you to trust your gut feelings. The Moon is a powerful card and carries many messages. But, ultimately, it is a reassuring card, and you must trust yourself, and the flow of the universe.

The moon as a person

If you are doing a reading on a specific person, the upright moon tarot meaning shows the person is intuitive and trusts their gut to guide them or through life. They are mysterious in nature, keeping to themselves rather than spilling every detail about their lives, yet intelligent and quirky. Furthermore, they will be sensitive people, with deep empathic understanding, amazing creativity, and a spiritual connection to the universe.

The moon as how someone sees you

Tarot cards can also help you find out someone’s perception of you. The Moon tarot facing upright show tells you they do not understand you at all and find you a complete mystery. Maybe they have a delusional idea of you or find you to be delusional. Additionally, they could see you as lost, with no direction in life.

If you have had a conflict with this person, they might be fearful of you and feel anxious over the situation. Or, they might see you as scared and anxiety rode.

The moon tarot career

When you ask your tarot cards a question about your career, an upright meaning could be that you are unsure of your career path. This could be because you fear the next step, or are confused by what you want. Or, it could mean that you must be cautious when making any big decisions at work. Trust your gut, and do not be hasty.

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Additionally, it could mean there has been a miscommunication between you and your colleagues, or that someone is withholding information that can help.

The moon as advice

Asking your tarot cards for advice, the upright Moon tarot shows up as a signal you are feeling uncertain as if that wasn’t obvious enough. However, what it also tells you is there is a lot of opportunity, and room, to grow. The moon is an intuitive card, so it reminds you to trust your inner voice, and accept the change that is coming. The moon represents this change in the lunar cycle from a full moon to a new moon. It asks you to go forth into the unknown with acceptance.

The moon tarot card meaning reversed

XVIII The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Reversed & Upright Guide | QHHT Official Website (2)Occasionally, one pulls a card from the deck and it is in reverse. The upside-down moon meaning sometimes referred to as the inverted moon, has a very different message for the person receiving the reading, though very similar at the same time. So, what does the moon tarot card mean? Let’s find out.

The moon tarot card upright card keywords

  • Lifting the veil
  • Seeing the truth
  • Becoming aware
  • Conquering your fears.

The moon reversed yes or no

However, should The Moon tarot in reverse in your tarot card reading, it does not necessarily mean “no.” If your question was, “am I looking at this from the right perspective?” or, “ is this the right path for me?” It generally leans more toward a maybe, but it advises you to reassess your approach.

The moon reversed love meaning

The reversed Moon in a love tarot reading, warns of deception. However, the deceiver might not even be aware of their actions, so the card is bringing awareness to the table and urges you to discuss it with your partner. Additionally, the reversed moon card shows that you might be with someone that you know is not suitable for you, but you are in denial over it. Or, it could indicate that you are emerging from a phase of low self-worth, and building your confidence back up.

The moon reversed as feelings

The reversed meaning of the Moon for feelings might indicate that you or a loved one is feeling lost and insecure. It suggests that they are unsure what their next move should be, as a result of being hurt or feeling abandoned. The reversed moon can also mean they are overwhelmed by their feelings, triggering a fright or flight reaction, or in denial over their gut voice.

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The moon reversed as a person

it might reveal that person’s true feelings of doubt, insecurity, uncommunicative or vague, or feeling lot and lone in the world. At the moment, the person could be deaf to the inner voice and struggling to trust themselves, or others.

The moon reversed as how someone sees you

If you are trying to understand how someone sees you, the moon tarot card in reverse might tell you they are starting to truly see the real you. No longer are you the mystery you once were, as your truths are being heard. Maybe it was someone who once had a conflict with, and the moon tarot might show you they are not fearful of the situation, as they might have been before.

The moon tarot reversed career

Let’s say you feel that uncertain feeling about where your career is taking you. If you pull the Moon tarot in reverse, it’s there to reassure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you will see things as clear as day soon. The reversed moon tarot card might reveal you’re going through writer’ block, or something similar

When it is a question of money, the reversed Moon tarot has a message of deception. So, this calls for you to second guess investing your money anywhere. And remember, time is money.

The moon reversed advice

The moon in reverse asks you to stop looking for answers and relying on what you are told to do for that sense of security. It reminds you that all the answers you are looking for are within you already.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to interpret the moon tarot card or any tarot card for that matter. There are many ways your life could fit into the message The Moon has for those seeking answers.

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Our Key takeaways on the moon card meaning

Have you recently pulled a moon tarot card reading? We hope you found these explanations insightful enough to explain the message the cards had for you. If you are still searching for re infomation, your moon tarot zodiac sign might be just the thing you need to read next!


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