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The Chosen Season 2 Discussion Questions Written by the Elf.
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Table of Contents

  • Know Before You Watch
  • The Chosen Season 2 Summary:
  • 1- The Chosen Season 2 Episode 1: Thunder
    • 2- The Chosen Season 2Episode 2: I Saw You
      • 3- The Chosen Season 2Episode 3: Matthew 4:24
        • 4- The Chosen Season 2Episode 4: The Perfect Opportunity
          • 5- The Chosen Season 2Episode 5: Spirit
            • 6- The Chosen Season 2 Episode 6: Unlawful
              • 7- The Chosen Season 2Episode 7: Reckoning
                • 8- The Chosen Season 2Episode 8: Beyond Mountains
                  • Chosen Season 2 Conclusion
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                  Know Before You Watch The Chosen Season 2:

                  Show Name: The Chosen Season 2
                  (Find the season 1 Chosen discussion questions and season 3 here)
                  Rating: Not Rated (We would say G/PG)
                  Age Suggestion: 8+
                  Episode Length: 8 episodes that are 30-45 minutes each
                  Where to Watch: Limited episodes available on Youtube, All Available on the (free) Chosen App, or at their website
                  Warnings: While there definitely is content that we would label adult or disturbing in the New Testament, so far the show has done an excellent job of making this friendly for younger viewers. Not by sanitizing the stories, but by leaving things implied but not shown. Some of the content might be triggering for victims of abuse and parents should be aware that there is some violence. In general, this is a very family-friendly show.

                  The Chosen Season 2 Summary:

                  The Chosen is a fresh look at the Gospels for those who have been reading the stories for years or for those who are just curious about who Jesus is and was. Told from the perspective of those around Jesus. the Chosen is a multi-season drama that’s like a mix of ‘This is Us’ and “The Bible’ series. It’s crowdfunded and not being made through a network, the goal being that many people are able to watch the show for free. You can help out with the making of the show by paying it forward or purchasing from their shop. Their goal is to make eight seasons.

                  Season 2 follows Jesus and the disciples as he starts to minister to more people and larger crowds. We meet more disciples. but we also see more officials start to take notice of Jesus and his followers,

                  Worried that the Chosen might take a few too many liberties with the story? They tell you that it is fictionalized, but they try to make it true to the heart of the Gospel. They encourage their audience to read along in the Bible yourself and think about how it might have looked. I saw nothing heretical in the first season, and even when things didn’t line up with my perspective exactly, it helped me think of things in a different way.

                  We hope this Chosen Season 2 discussion guide will prove useful for you. It can be used in a small group setting, a Bible study setting, or as a family discussion guide! If it’s useful to you, please share it on social media.

                  1- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 1: Thunder

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 1:

                  Picking up where the first season left off, the disciple’s numbers are growing. And they’ve still got a LOT of learning to do. This episode focuses on many different characters, but John is the main disciple focus. As the news of Jesus continues to spread, the disciples start to make plans.

                  Read for Bible Study:

                  John 1 (Intro to John’s gospel that you see being written at the end of the episode); Luke 15: 1-7 (One of the tellings of the parable of The Lost Sheep); Matthe 4:18-22 (Jesus calls James and John); Luke 10: 25-37

                  (Video) Priests React to The Chosen, Season 2

                  The Chosen Season 2 Episode 1
                  Discussion Questions:

                  1) What was your favorite moment from Season 1? What about from this episode?
                  2) Have you ever thought of the story of the good Samaritan from the perspective of the robber? Why is that important for what Jesus is trying to teach the disciples?
                  3) “‘Is that a good thing?’ ‘Today it wasn’t'” When Jesus calls John thunder he says that fiery passion can be both a gift and hindrance. Share about a personality trait is an asset that sometimes gets you into trouble.

                  2- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 2: I Saw You

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 2:

                  The disciples are waiting for Jesus to come back to head to Syria. Phillip leaves John the Baptist to come and follow Jesus. Phillip brings Nathanael to the disciples and he is called by Jesus. The way they portrayed Nathanael’s story was really inspiring, especially after going back and reading the Scripture that inspired it. It was also really good to be reminded of the real humanity of the disciples and be reminded that they struggled to agree. The episode was a beautiful reminder for me that we build things differently with Jesus… and we can start now.

                  Read for Bible Study:

                  John 1:43-51 (Jesus calls Phillip and Nathanael);
                  Matthew 10 (Jesus sends out the disciples);
                  Ezekiel 39 (Prophecy against Gog that the disciples recite)

                  The Chosen Season 2 Episode 2
                  Discussion Questions:

                  1) How did you feel about Phillip’s conversation with Matthew- especially when Matthew draws the circle in the dirt?
                  2) Why do the disciples disagree about writing down Jesus’ words? How do we still see that playing out now?
                  3) If you feel comfortable sharing- what was a time that you felt seen by God like Nathanael under the fig tree.

                  The Chosen Season 2 Discussion Questions and Review - Down The Hobbit Hole Blog (1)

                  3- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 3: Matthew 4:24

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 3:

                  The episode opens on a long line of people waiting on Jesus to heal them. There is a lot of good conversation amongst the disciples in this episode. A good reminder of what their struggle might have looked like.

                  Read for Bible Study:

                  Zechariah 4 (Prophecy about the Mount of Olives being split in two);
                  Matthew 4: 23-25 (Title of episode/ Jesus travels with the disciples and heals multitudes of people)

                  The Chosen Season 2 Episode 3
                  Discussion Questions:

                  1) How does Jesus disrupt cultural dynamics? Personal dynamics?
                  2) If you’ve been following Jesus long- does it make you happier, fulfilled, or joyful than you were before? If you can’t remember a time that you didn’t follow Jesus- why do you still?
                  3) Why did the disciples assume that Jesus was going to gather an army?

                  The Chosen Season 2 Discussion Questions and Review - Down The Hobbit Hole Blog (2)

                  4- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 4: The Perfect Opportunity

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 4: The Perfect Opportunity

                  We’re introduced to Simon the Zealot and the Feast of the Tabernacles. The disciples travel to outside of Jerusalem for the feast. They face some unexpected opposition- the anger and tension against Jesus is building. Jesus performs a miracle.

                  It’s really interesting to see the Zealots, Pharisees, and Disciples together- especially when they’re discussing different interpretations of scripture. There was also some good foreshadowing. It was a really impactful and well done episode. Plus in one scene the Zealots recited part of one of my favorite verses- Zepheniah 3:17 “The Lord your God is with you… He will take great delight in you…(and) will rejoice over you with singing.”

                  Read for Bible Study:

                  Psalm 69 (David’s writing on the consuming ‘zeal for your house’)
                  Zechariah 14:16 (Prophecy about all the nations celebrating the Feast of the Tabernacles)
                  *We suggest the Bible Project’s video overview of the book of Zechariah- find it here)
                  John 5:1-30 (Jesus heals a man at the pool and is questioned by the Jewish leaders)

                  (Video) Risen 2 - Review | One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

                  The Chosen Season 2 Episode 4
                  Discussion Questions:

                  1) How could the Pharisees, Zealots, and others interpret the same scripture passages so differently? What do you rely on to help you interpret the scriptures?
                  2) The disciples talk about the feast and sleeping outside to be a great leveler of man. The poor, the rich- everyone faces the same difficulties. What did Mary say it was to remind them of and why is it necessary to have that reminder?
                  3) the religious elite and the religious extreme were both missing out on the miracles of Jesus. Jesse’s hope was misplaced but why do you think he still experienced the miracle and what was the significance of that?

                  5- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 5: Spirit

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 5: Spirit

                  **PARENTAL WARNING** This is the first episode that we feel really needs a parental warning for season two.
                  -light spoilers-
                  In this episode we see demon possession in a scarier way than we have seen it on the show in the past. There’s a physical fighting scene that results. I would suggest that parents of littles preview this episode beforehand. You may decide to skip a few minutes of this episode with your younger kiddos.

                  Jesus and John the Baptist reunite for a moment. The disciples see demon possession up close. Simon the Zealot catches up with the disciples and there might be consequences to that.

                  Read for Bible Study:

                  Mark 3:16-19, Matthew 10:1-8, Luke 6:12-16 (There are several Simon’s listed in the New Testament, Simon the Zealot is mentioned in lists of the disciples.)
                  Matthew 8: 14-17 (Jesus heals and casts out demons)
                  Luke 3:1-20 (John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus)

                  The Chosen Season 2 Episode 5
                  Discussion Questions:

                  1) Jesus tells Simon the Zealot that He has everything He needs, but he WANTS Simon with Him. How did that scene make you feel? Have you felt like Simon?
                  2) Did this episode change your perspective on the miracles that Jesus performed? Do they seem a little more real now?
                  3) Mary lets her past get the best of her and believes she isn’t worthy to stay at the camp and learn from Jesus. How do we keep ourselves, and each other, from feeling this way?
                  4) What stuck out to you most from the conversations between John and Jesus in this episode? What about the conversations about the Sanhedrin?

                  6- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 6: Unlawful

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 6: Unlawful

                  We’re back with Jesus and the disciples and camp. It’s not going well. Mary has left camp. Someone’s arrested. And the food is scarce. It’s hard to understand why God is letting the disciples experience this. Jesus reminds us that God is the Lord of the Sabbath- that He is in control. That He loves people. It was a really beautiful episode.

                  Note – the Pharisees were divided into two camps at the time of Jesus, and, as you see in thisepisode, one was much stricter than the other.

                  *Parents should be aware that there is a joke about sex and a scene with betting and possible trauma triggers*

                  Read for Bible study the Chosen Season 2 Episode 6:

                  1 Samuel 21:1-9 (David gets bread for his men from the temple)
                  Psalm 20:7 (some trust in chariots) (quoted by Mary the mother of Jesus)
                  Matthew 9:14-16 ; Mark 2:18-27 (Breaking the laws of the Sabbath)
                  Hosea 6:6; Matthew 9:1-12 (God desiring mercy over sacrifice)

                  (Video) Endless Space 2 Review | Jingoist Joy™ Edition

                  Discussion Questions for The Chosen Season 2 Episode 6

                  1) How did you feel about Mary’s storyline in this episode?
                  2) Have you thought before about the irony of the disciples being hungry following the Bread of Life? How do you think you would have responded to a situation like that?
                  3) Where are you too legalistic with your faith? Where can you be more understanding and compassionate this week?
                  4) How would you describe the reaction of Jesus when he is questioned about healing on the Sabbath? Take a look at Mark 3:5. Do you think thisepisodeshows that reaction?

                  The Chosen Season 2 Discussion Questions and Review - Down The Hobbit Hole Blog (3)

                  7- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 7: Reckoning

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 7: Reckoning

                  Jesus and the disciples prepare for a big sermon and gathering- one that will define their ministry. But they aren’t the only ones that have plans related to their ministry- troubles closing in too.Shmuel and his friends among the Pharisees continue to look for Jesus as they believe he is teaching heresy. The Romans are looking for him as a potential threat. And the disciples are arguing among themselves. Jesus is brought to Quintis – with a surprising result. The reckoning is in souls –how will the Romans see Jesus? Are some of the Romans being affected by his teaching? Will the religious leaders continue in their obstinacy? And will the disciples begin to truly trust Jesus?

                  Read for Bible study:

                  Matthew 6: 5-15 (the Lord’s prayer)
                  Matthew 4: 12-17 (Jesus preaches after John’s imprisonment)
                  Luke 5:16 (Jesus and prayer)

                  Discussion Questions for The Chosen Season 2 Episode 7: Reckoning

                  1) Which groups and people are tracking down Jesus and why?
                  2) If you had been preparing something with Jesus and He was arrested- which disciple or Pharisee do you think you would have responded like?
                  3) What was significant about Andrew and Philip’s encounter in the marketplace?
                  4) How do you tend to pray and do you think of it as a significant practice?
                  5) How is this series helping you understand life in the first century – and the many forces at play – better?

                  8- The Chosen Season 2
                  Episode 8: Beyond Mountains

                  Quick Summary of The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8: Beyond Mountains Finale

                  Jesus has returned to the camp and is preparing for what we call the Sermon on the Mount with Matthew. In doing so, we get an explanation of parts of what is recorded in Matthew 5-7. The rest of the disciples are preparing the space (with a lot of arguing) and telling people about the event. But what if everything goes wrong and no one shows up? Will they be able to work together/ Will the Romans interrupt? There are many questions. Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of the battle between the two schools of the Pharisees – that of Hillel and that of Shammai. And there is a substantial amount of political maneuvering being planned by some of them, involving Jesus. There is a hint of romance. And we are again struck by the gender equality among the followers of Jesus. The viewer also sees some returning characters from Season One as well as some new series characters! And take note of the opening – as we find later on, it is our introduction to Judas. A really engaging finale that we enjoyed. We’re excited to see season three!

                  Read for Bible study– The Chosen Season 2 Finale

                  Matthew 5-7 (The Sermon on the Mount)
                  Mark 3:13-19 (The disciples are called)
                  Isaiah 9:6-7 (Prince of Peace – used in reference to wearing blue)

                  Discussion Questions for The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8: Beyond Mountains

                  1)Why can’t the disciples all agree on how to help prepare for the sermon event?
                  2) Which of the beatitudes feels the closest to you? What about the hardest or farthest from you?
                  3) Go through the beatitudes and think of one person in your life who portrays each of these traits.
                  4) Were you surprised when we learned who Judas was – or did you see it coming? What do you see in his character so far?
                  5) There are several places in the New Testament where Jesus may be reacting to a teaching that was specific to either Hillel or Shammai. As this episode indicates, Hillel was usually the more lenient of the two. How is this religious disagreement shaping responses to Jesus?
                  6) Jesus says the Sermon on the Mount is a manifesto of revolution and radical shift. What did he mean by this?

                  *The Chosen Season 2 Finale aired on July 11th. The Chosen Season 3 is set to begin filming near the end of 2021 and will be released in the same method as Season 2 when the episode is ready. As of the finale of season 2 airing, season 3 has not been fully crowd funded yet. You can help pay it forward here, or by sharing about the show on social media*

                  Chosen Season 2 Conclusion

                  We enjoyed season 2! What was your favorite moment from The Chosen Season 2?
                  We were nervous that Season 2 would not carry the momentum forward from the first season, but they absolutely did. This season was so dynamic and gives so much room for great, deep, and relevant, discussion!

                  Please share this discussion guide on social media if it was useful to you!

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